Why Good People Are Attracted to Not For Profits


By Chris Gandy

Far too often I hear not for profit Boards and CEOs lament that they can’t recruit outstanding people because they can’t offer a competitive salary package. I reality I find this is seldom case.

To get a true handle on why excellent people are attracted to an organisation lets look at why these same people may choose to leave organisations.

A great deal has been written lately about why top people walk out of organisations but essentially it seems to come done to three main reasons:

1. Poor or dysfunctional management

2. Inefficient operating systems

3. A lack of a clear and inspiring vision for the future.

Highly talented people by nature want to build things. They are rarely interested in spending the majority of their time trying to fix things that are broken. So when considering a career change they will do a reasonable degree of due diligence on a prospective employer. And if they sense that the organisation is not well run, is bogged down by bureaucratic, outdated systems and appears confused about where it is going and how it will get there; they will pass on the opportunity well before the salary package comes into the frame.

It is the responsibility of every Board and CEO to attract the best people possible to their organisation and reputation, not money and benefits, is the biggest enticement to people who can make the greatest impact. Make sure you have these key areas addressed next time you venture into the employment market (and don’t forget these elements are central to keeping the great people you already have!)

About Chris – He is a former not for profit CEO and Founder of Cause & Effective – Chris is a member of our Leadership Search team helping cause-based organisations find, attract, engage and keep top talent.


About B-Cause

B-Cause is published by Cause and Effective. We help good causes find and attract effective leaders.

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