Who’s On Board: Dennis Fischman, Communicate! Consulting

On a regular basis we will introduce you to one of our Associates - This week we are featuring Dennis Fischman
On a regular basis we will introduce you to one of our Associates – This week we are featuring Dennis Fischman

Through your communications, your not-for-profit organization can win and keep loyal friends.  Their support will help you find the time and raise the money that your mission deserves.  But how will you build strong relationships with supporters when you are working so hard on your programs already?   You have a story to tell.  Let me help you tell it.   I speak “not for profit.”  I have worked in the not for profit sector  since 1998.  Most recently, I served as a senior manager in an anti-poverty organisation in Somerville, Massachusetts (USA) where I was responsible for fundraising and all aspects of communication.  Passionate about social change, I left this position, as it had grown increasingly technical, to focus on helping not-for-profit organisations tell their stories: in person, in writing, and through the social media.   I can help you take the best of business savvy about marketing and make it warm, human, and effective for your cause.   I offer three main kinds of solutions to your communications needs:

  1.  Communications strategy – I will help you identify your key audiences and the actions you wish them to take;  get to know them and what motivates them; and then select the media and design the message that will move them to act.
  2. Content marketing – I can assist you to create documents, blogs, videos, online tools, and other content that attracts your audience to come looking for you.
  3. Social media management – I will train you to engage your community through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other media. If desired, I will continue to coach you and supervise your social media staff… or run your social media for you, cooperating with your staff.

Please be my guest. Sample my thinking about not-for-profit communications and fundraising on my Communicate! blog and here on the B-Cause blog.  Then, let’s have a conversation about how we can work together.  Your supporters are out there waiting to hear from you. As your Cause & Effective Associate, I can make sure they do.

Looking forward to working with you – Dennis

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