Be a leader in the global movement to end street sleeping in NSW

In February this year, in a landmark step, the NSW Government, the City of Sydney, and leading homelessness charities joined 13 other cities in a partnership with the Institute of Global Homelessness, becoming part of a global movement to end street sleeping through the IGH Vanguard City Program. The target in NSW is to reduce street homelessness by 50% across the state by 2025.

To coordinate and support this collaboration, the Government, charities and the private sector have created a new entity; the End Street Sleeping Collaboration. With support of the PAYCE Foundation we are delighted to assist ESSC to find an inaugural CEO to establish and lead the Collaboration’s efforts.

The CEO will work in close partnership with all stakeholders and hold the responsibility for building and implementing the day to day operations of the entity as well as shaping it’s future by animating the collective vision of its partners.

An ability to cultivate, build and maintain strong and authentic relationships with a wide range of partners and a willingness to learn from these partners and people enduring the hardship of Street Sleeping and to inspire creative solutions will be integral to success.

Additionally, the person will lead, inspire and support the collaborating partners in fulfilling their responsibilities as participants of the Program.

If you would like to learn more about this role and how to apply please email us here at Cause & Effective and request an Opportunity Information Pack.

Please note applications close 5.00pm AEST 26th August, 2019

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