Still Walking in Their Shoes

After take-off on the “Red-eye” from Perth to Sydney the other night, I decided to forego the in-flight entertainment and listen to my own music and hopefully get some shut-eye. This was my last trip home after delivering our Janus CEO Transition Program in Ruah Community Services. The assignment took 9 months to complete and […]

There’s No Future in Looking Back When Recruiting NFP Executives

  Typically when a not for profit CEO, or perhaps a member of the Leadership Team, announces their intention to leave we rush to…… Dust off the latest position description for the role – which could be anything from years to months old. Tweak the PD based on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the […]

Do You Avoid Reference Checking For Fear Of Bursting Your Balloon?

By Chris Gandy The news that broke last week about retail giant Myer dismissing their new Group General Manager Strategy and Business Development, on his first day apparently due to a falsified CV has brought the process of referencing checking into the spotlight. I know nothing more about the case than what has been reported widely […]

Why Good People Are Attracted to Not For Profits

By Chris Gandy Far too often I hear not for profit Boards and CEOs lament that they can’t recruit outstanding people because they can’t offer a competitive salary package. I reality I find this is seldom case. To get a true handle on why excellent people are attracted to an organisation lets look at why these […]

Recruiting Is So Much More Than Finding The Next Seat Warmer

By Chris Gandy I fully appreciate that the departure of a member of a not for profit’s leadership group can be highly disruptive. It can herald a period of uncertainty and is a definite inconvenience for those who are asked to cover for bits and pieces that have been left hanging by the recently departed. […]

The Janus Factors – The bountiful opportunities arising from Executive Transition

By Chris Gandy Executive transition is all about endings, changes and beginnings of various types. Transition represents a time of disruption and hope, one of reflection and renewal. But as Tom Adams, a specialist in executive transitions in the not for profit sector insists, “if managed intentionally and proactively, transitions can serve as pivotal moments, […]