Write a Social Media Policy That Works

By Dennis Fischman

social media policy cartoon


Your organisation should have a social media policy, not so much to tell employees what not to do as to tell them what they can and should do.

Why?  Because your employees are a source of all the good stuff you can share on social media.  Success stories.  Fascinating facts.  Good advice for people looking to use your products or services, and fast responses to people who have questions or complaints.  In short, everything that would make people follow you on social media.

Neither the head of your organisation nor your marketing department (if you are fortunate enough to have one) can do it all.  Empower your staff with a clear set of guidelines and you will multiply the ways you interact with the people you want to reach: your potential clients, customers, donors, and other supporters.

Yes, a good social media policy will set limits.  But those limits should give a lot of leeway, to make room for creativity and initiative.

Don’t be the pointy-haired boss who makes it impossible for employees to do their work.  Be the one who shows trust, and earns it in return.

Here are some templates you could use to create a social media policy that’s right for your company:

Society for Human Resource Management template

5 Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies (from Hubspot)

Online Database of Government & Non-Profit Social Media Policies (socialmediagovernance.com)

About Dennis:  Dennis Fischman is our featured Cause & Effective Associate this week. Contact Dennis here to discuss how your not for profit can win friends and get the support it needs to keep doing excellent work.

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