The Results of the Status Quo

By Patrick McFadden

Status quo thinking brings mediocre results.

The Status Quo Formula: Status quo= Mediocre =Average

Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average professionals, businesses, and organisations are average. Average is for losers!  This may sound harsh but the reason that average is for losers is that given the choice between remarkable and average, nobody picks average.

Nobody picks the status quo.

It’s the least of the best and the best of the least. If you are leading a nonprofit you limit your chances of ever making an outstanding social impact when you are the status quo. The status quo will always represent the one who put in the least energy, time, and enthusiasm to just be mediocre.

To accomplish extraordinary results for your stakeholders, you must reject ordinary thinking.

About Patrick – Patrick McFadden is Cause & Effective’s marketing advisor and the author of the Indispensable Marketing Blog. You can also follow him on Twitter.

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