Good leaders don’t drop their aitchs

By Chris Gandy When I reflect on my primary school days I can vividly recall teachers constantly regaling the class to not drop our aitchs. Seems we were running about the place saying things like “elp” instead of “help”; wondering how we could get to “eaven” and not  “heaven”;  and asking “arry” instead of “harry” […]

If only we were here, instead of there

“Don’t go in and hide; don’t come out and shine; stand stock-still in the middle.” ― Zhuangzi, The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu Here is how a common mistake occurs. When an undesirable development occurs or a difficult situation arises, we often think,  “Oh, I have got such rotten luck, why is this happening?’ We […]

Skip the Mission and go straight to the Vision

By Chris Gandy Perhaps I am being alarmist, but I am genuinely concerned that the NFP sector is failing to develop and attract the calibre of leaders needed to meet the demands our society is placing on it. Not that great people aren’t out there, they are. It is just that as a sector we […]

Comparisons – A bit of this, and less of that

By Heather McCauley  “The ideas are louder when there are fewer of them.” David C. Day  We have been talking about getting off track, finding ourselves where we did not expect to be, getting back on the road and assuming that after having done all this extra work, we can make up some lost time. […]

NFP Leaders Better Get Used To Wearing Some New Hats

By Chris Gandy One of the most common questions we are asked by Not for Profit Boards who find themselves in a position of suddenly having to search for a new Chief Executive is: “What should we look for in a new CEO?” To be honest such questions fill us with joy as they demonstrate […]

Recruitment …. an arranged marriage?

By Joe Moore: For most of us work is more than selling our labour for money. We also expect to find motivation and satisfaction. We’d prefer work to be fulfilling – rather than “just a job”. We talk about finding meaning at work, learning and developing at work, finding dignity, respect and opportunities to grow […]

Future Tense

By Penny Beeston : The future. It hovers in front of each of us on a daily basis. In a busy life, we can fall into the trap of becoming somewhat ambivalent about our future. We are paying down mortgages, busy raising kids and working hard. During these periods in our lives we tend to […]

What If The Blocker Is You?

By Chris Gandy : I attended the Australian Society of Association Executives Conference in Canberra last week where many of the papers and invariably a great deal of the networking conversation focused on helping staff and NFP Boards overcoming resistance to change. As I listened to some excellent presentations which received knowing nods from an […]

The Hidden Key To Productivity That Could Boost Every Team

By Nina Sochon: I believe that we’re fundamentally lacking in our thinking about the workplace and how we get things done. We talk about teamwork in the context of what leaders should do – it is seen as the leader’s responsibility to create a great team. Books about creating high performing teams are written to […]

Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce

By Chris Milligan : Everyone’s talking about the “future of work” and if your organisation isn’t, perhaps it’s time you joined the conversation. CSIRO’s latest report; Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce is a gold mine, laying out the mega trends set to hit the workplace in the coming decade, and what you need to know. Unlike other […]