Areas to Address in a Workplace Social Media Policy

Cases of employees losing their jobs for careless social media postings have been well documented in the media over the last few years, and sometimes have gone before the courts. With the self-publishing nature of social media and the desire to share opinions on all sorts of issues, comes the very real possibility that something […]

All Hands on Board for Social Media

  By Dennis Fischman Let’s say you’ve made the decision: you want your employees on social media. It took some courage to arrive at that decision.  You’ve heard the horror stories  about what can happen when things go wrong.  But you know that people will talk about you online, no matter what.  It’s better for […]

Write a Social Media Policy That Works

By Dennis Fischman   Your organisation should have a social media policy, not so much to tell employees what not to do as to tell them what they can and should do. Why?  Because your employees are a source of all the good stuff you can share on social media.  Success stories.  Fascinating facts.  Good […]