In An Amalgamation, Remove Price And What Are You Left With?

By Steve Dixon A fundamental prerequisite to successfully amalgamating two Not-For-Profits (NFP) is trust. Attempting to combine any two NFP’s is hard enough at the best of times; doing so without building trust usually engenders an unhappy outcome. Why? A distinguishing feature of NFP Amalgamations is the absence of price.  Remove the driving market force […]

Nice Tee Shirt – Not!

Chris Gandy wrote a great blog recently about and the benefits that flow to people and their organisations when Leaders create trusting relationships. The article reminded me of a conversation I had with a “battler” at the local shopping mall the other day. He was a middle aged guy wearing a black Tee shirt that […]

Its All About Trust, Just Ask Our Sheep

Some know that farming is my other occupation. It’s a great activity – I learn what sustainability really looks like, it gets me outdoors, I exercise without needing a personal trainer or gym equipment and, believe it or not, it has taught me so much about leadership – in fact I call it my “leadership farm”. Here’s one example….. We have […]