I quit!

By Rachel Muir This post originally appeared at connection cafe and rachelmuir.com on January 20, 2012. We thank Rachel for agreeing to slight changes for our Cause and Effective audience. Two words a board chair never wants to hear from their CEO. Few things can be as disruptive to an organisations success as a Chief Executive transition. […]

Pontificating on Benedict XVI’s resignation

When is comes to caused-based organisations there are probably none bigger than the Roman Catholic Church. It was understandable therefore that Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement to resign grabbed considerable run time in all forms of media. What did surprise me though was how much of this media attention was focused on the “management lessons” that supposedly can be […]

Joe is leaving! Now what are we going to do?

OK Joe is going. He has been a good and loyal employee and has been offered a fantastic opportunity. Our best wishes go with him! Right, time to activate the Succession Plan! What’s that?  You don’t have one or did have but let it die on the vine? Sound familiar?  This scenario got me thinking about […]

Congratulations Cheryl, you’re running the show

Recently I meet the Chair of a cause-based organisation who was lamenting the pickle her organisation had got itself into with the appointment of a new senior manager. The vacancy came up unexpectedly and we had so much work on we didn’t have time to go through a lengthy and expensive recruitment process. So we […]