Misleading Conduct #15: Having a Dysfunctional Home Life

By Ian Sampson As the old saying goes, “Being emotionally crippled is not essential for running a business but it sure helps!” (I just made that old saying up!) So what if your personal life is a mess? What does it matter, so long as you delude yourself that you are keeping up appearances on […]

Dealing with public-speaking jitters

By Chris Gandy It is rare when coaching CEO’s of cause-based organisations that the need for public speaking, and the resultant angst, isn’t raised. Actually more than one person has confided that knowing they will be asked to speak publicly about their organisation caused them to think twice about actually applying for the position in the first […]

“Gee, you need to be resiliant to work for a not-for-profit!”

So said an acquaintance who, having been on a roller-coaster ride for many years in a cause-based organisation, was finally retrenched as the organisation continued to struggle with marketplace and funding changes. Knowing his case is not isolated and that workplace stresses and uncertainty is not confined to the not-for-profit sector, I decided to do […]