When Work Becomes Intolerable

By Sara Harrup Many years ago I landed a job which looked to be a real coup. Great salary and conditions, fabulous location, nice people and a charismatic boss. I did a fair bit of due diligence on the organisation before I accepted the position and I thought that although challenging, I would be able […]

Are You Losing It?

By Ian Sampson Janice sat in her office with the door shut staring at her screen for a moment. “Why am I so disconnected,” she wondered. ” I’m living at work, the cat won’t acknowledge that she knows me anymore. My Board members are tetchy with me and my best friend is offhanded when we meet […]

“Gee, you need to be resiliant to work for a not-for-profit!”

So said an acquaintance who, having been on a roller-coaster ride for many years in a cause-based organisation, was finally retrenched as the organisation continued to struggle with marketplace and funding changes. Knowing his case is not isolated and that workplace stresses and uncertainty is not confined to the not-for-profit sector, I decided to do […]