OK, Let’s Talk About Kevin

By Chris Gandy Apologies to Lionel Shriver fans and those who just can’t get enough copy about our former PM. My Kevin is not a person, fictional or otherwise, but is a little Kookaburra and he is truly inspirational. Kevin has been a regular companion for a few years now. I don’t feed him any treats […]

Making Happy Accidents Happen

By Dennis Fischman Ruth McCambridge, the editor of the excellent Nonprofit Quarterly, ask us to ponder: With all our policies, procedures, plans, strategies, best practices, theories of change, and expert evaluations, what are we missing? The answer is: serendipity. Sometimes we make great discoveries when we are not looking for them, or when we’re looking […]

What Woody Allen Can Teach Not-For-Profits About Strategic Planning?

By Chris Gandy While strategic planning discussions around many not-for-profit board tables centre on expanding their services across the city, state, country and planet, I sense a change in the wind. More and more boards that I seem to be dealing with are saying “We want to be serving our communities well into the future. To do […]

Janus Factor # 1 – Taking stock

By Chris Gandy This is the first in our series of posts each dedicated to one of the opportunities (we call them Janus Factors) that present themselves to cause-based organisations during the executive transition period between the announcement of a Chief Executive’s departure and the on-boarding of a replacement. Taking Stock Over the past week or so […]