The 4 X 2 Rule: Projects on Steroids

By Joe Moore A common rule of thumb used by leaders, and much admired by consultants, is the “4 by 2” rule. The rule means that, in our experience, projects take four times as long and cost twice as much as the project plan says or vice versa – and that’s the successful projects. Projects […]

Risk Assessment Model – Watch Out for Biases!

By Anya Faingersh In my post on Risk Awareness I promised to offer a comprehensive model for managing your risks, so here I am, fulfilling my promise. Successful management of risks is based on their proper assessment, because the main decisions you’ll be making here would mostly be about dedicating resources for dealing with the risks. Knowing […]

Raising Awareness of Risk Awareness

By Anya Faingersh Living in an uncertain world makes proper Risk Management critical for survival. In our age of frequent natural and man-made disasters, volatile markets and economic meltdowns, recognising and targeting of possible risks is of Manager’s highest priorities. However, Risk Management is  a complicated affair, especially on an organisational level, and it utilises […]