How Many Baskets Do You Have Your Eggs In?

  By Chris Gandy Ran into local sage Alf again yesterday and he started lamenting: “There just aren’t any serious farmers around anymore” “Hey, what do you mean” I said feeling a bit affronted. “I might be small time but I take this farming thing pretty seriously as does everyone I know around here” “Yeah […]

People Crave to Contribute – Release Their Desire

By Chris Gandy W. Edwards Deming is probably best known for his “plan, do, study, act” cycle, which also has been referred to as the Deming Circle. In the light of this very process based concept, it may surprise some that Deming also placed a heavy emphasis on the value of people and relationships. He […]

Distraction, The Biggest Of All Mission Killers

By Chris Gandy All of us involved in any sport that had a ball in it can remember being told from day dot by a parent or a patient coach – “keep your eye on the ball”. Pretty sound advice which is highly useful in a whole range of life endeavors – but oh so […]

Managing a Contingent Workforce – Some Simple Rules

By Chris Gandy Contingent workers are becoming common place in all sectors of the economy and now represent a substantial proportion of the workforce. As a provider of specialist contingent resources to not for profits, we at Cause & Effective are in front row positions to see the tremendous positives these people can potentially bring to this sector […]

The Results of the Status Quo

By Patrick McFadden Status quo thinking brings mediocre results. The Status Quo Formula: Status quo= Mediocre =Average Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average professionals, businesses, and organisations are average. Average is for losers!  This may sound harsh but the reason that average is for losers is that given the choice between remarkable and average, nobody picks […]

Studying for a Blood Test….

By Joe Moore Let’s suppose you could study for a blood test. For the few weeks before the pathology appointment you cut down alcohol, give cheese a miss, eat a bucketful of broccoli instead of fries, maybe take the stairs and not the elevator. If you were to be successful at this you may be able to […]

Are You Losing It?

By Ian Sampson Janice sat in her office with the door shut staring at her screen for a moment. “Why am I so disconnected,” she wondered. ” I’m living at work, the cat won’t acknowledge that she knows me anymore. My Board members are tetchy with me and my best friend is offhanded when we meet […]

How Do You Say “Content Marketing” in Not For Profit?

By Dennis Fischman You’re working so hard for a cause you believe in.  You wonder: Why aren’t more people paying attention? You’re not alone.  In the internet age,  not for profits and businesses are all in the same boat.  We’re not only competing with each other for people’s time and interest.  We’re also competing with […]

Creating Massive Marketing Success for Your Cause

By Patrick McFadden  If you’re trying to market a cause or anything for that matter, you’re probably looking for that one silver bullet or key to make your organisation explode in supporters and fundraising .You buy the books, the online courses, the CDs and the DVDs that will tell you the steps to unlocking this massive marketing success. You subscribe […]

“Just remember it is the 28th July and you will be fine”

When I was a Psychology undergraduate I was required to do a one week  work experience assignment in a large mental health facility. On my first day I was asked to report to the Clinical Services Manager. When I arrived all bright-eyed and busy tailed the receptionist directed me a large waiting room. The room was empty of people except […]