Oh What A Night – Late December Back In ’69

By Chris Gandy Everyone experiences some life defining moments in their time. One of mine was just before Christmas in 1969. I left high school a month earlier with not a care in the world. Had no career ambitions, didn’t bother to enrol with a University,  but hey I was prepared to work as long as the job […]

Recruiting Is So Much More Than Finding The Next Seat Warmer

By Chris Gandy I fully appreciate that the departure of a member of a not for profit’s leadership group can be highly disruptive. It can herald a period of uncertainty and is a definite inconvenience for those who are asked to cover for bits and pieces that have been left hanging by the recently departed. […]

Grandpaw and Google had a lot in common

By Jack Nokes My grandfather never made it past 8th grade, he never worked in an office, and he died well before the Information Age took off. However, his lack of formal education didn’t mean he lacked the wisdom necessary to run a good operation. PawPaw’s philosophy on getting a job done was: “hire the […]