The Top 5 Marketing Myths and The Truth Behind Them

By Patrick McFadden This one will probably get me into trouble.I’ve worked as a marketing consultant for several years and I’m not supposed to say this stuff. After all, it’s my job to increase your client base and maximize revenue. To wave my magic marketing wand and take your marketing to a whole new level. […]

Two Things Not For Profits Really Need to Know About Marketing

By Patrick McFadden Marketing just isn’t that complicated. Oh, sure, there’s all the figuring new stuff out every new day, but really, when it comes down to it, there are only two things that actually matter. Get these factors right – keep these factors as the basis for every business and marketing decision – and things […]

A Powerful and Proven Social Media Strategy in 3 Parts

By Patrick McFadden Are you struggling with effectively using social media? Many times it’s because you can’t decide where to start, you aren’t sure how to put the pieces together, or you can’t stay motivated and focused. You are capable of doing the things that are required for using social media effectively, but the real […]

The Coacktail Party (Using Social Media Effectively)

With social media playing such an important role in an organisation’s (cause-based or not) marketing arsenal we thought it would be useful to re-post this article by Patrick McFadden, Cause and Effective’s Marketing Coach. So a lot people are confused on how to use social media effectively, but believe it or not, you already know the […]

Getting it right can be so good …for your Cause!

Apart from your organisation’name and perhaps logo potentially the most effective piece of marketing you can do is have a knock-out tagline, strapline or slogan! And it virtually costs you nothing. Yet so few cause-based organisations seem to avail themselves of this golden opportunity to effectively promote their cause by having no tagline at all […]

Trends – In Cause-based Communications

At B-Cause we plan to regularly report on trends we see occurring in the global cause-based sector. The first of these comes from Kivi Leroux Miller of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide who conducted an online survey of 1,435 cause-based organisations asking a variety of marketing questions: In what shape is your marketing plan for 2013? Which communications tools […]