Recruit a CEO for Tomorrow, Not Today

By Chris Gandy We Not for Profit Board Members are typically very diligent when it comes to recruiting a new CEO. After all, we are very busy people and the last thing a Chair or fellow Board members want is to be dragged in to steer a leaderless ship. So what usually happens? We urgent review today’s […]

When The Dog Dies

  Bob and Alison have been friends of ours for years. Recently Bob decided to retire and they put on a BBQ to mark the event. While Bob tended the steak in his inimitable fashion, I asked Alison about their plans for the next chapter in their lives. Without hesitation she reeled off a list […]

The Extraordinary Relationship Between Chairman and CEO

The relationship between a Chairman and a CEO is special. Great Chairs often act as a confidant, mentor, adviser, sounding board and interpreter for the CEO. Recently I had the privilege of coaching a Chairman who fulfills this role with distinction in his organisation. In some other organisations, I get to play the role that this […]

Turning Lemons Into Lemon Sorbet With Interim Leadership

  We have published a number of posts on Leadership Transition over the year and attempted to argue the case for not for profit Boards to seriously consider following a formal Transition Program when recruiting a new CEO. Here Tara Levy of Greenlights points out that such a Program is of great benefit to an organisation even when the “recruitment […]

“The Helping Hand” – A Scary Not For Profit Story

By Chris Gandy Over at Nonprofit With Balls Vu Le has been collecting and running a number of “scary” not for profit stories to get us in a ghoulish mood for Halloween. We have borrowed one of the yarns and given it a bit of an Australian flavour and here it is: The CEO of a […]

Alpha or Omega?

Note To Leaders of Cause-Based Organisations To effectively lead your organisation from good to great could I respectfully suggest you: Don’t follow, lead & pursue. Don’t copy, create & cultivate. Don’t start, finish & complete. Don’t sit still, move & shift. Don’t fit in, stand out & be extraordinary. Don’t sit quietly, speak up & with […]

What does bold leadership look like?

By Chris Gandy Of all our Touchstones, the one that tends to take most explaining is Bold Leadership…. “What do you mean by bold leadership?” “How do I know whether I am a bold leader or not?” …are two of the common questions we are asked. To make our position on this Touchstone a little […]