NFP Leaders Better Get Used To Wearing Some New Hats

By Chris Gandy One of the most common questions we are asked by Not for Profit Boards who find themselves in a position of suddenly having to search for a new Chief Executive is: “What should we look for in a new CEO?” To be honest such questions fill us with joy as they demonstrate […]

Good CEO Candidates Aren’t Fools

By Chris Gandy I have a few people to thank for encouraging me to develop our Janus CEO Transition Program. Unwittingly, Alex was one of them. I have known Alex and the organisation he was the Board Chair of for a number of years. About two years ago I ran into him at a conference […]

Still Walking in Their Shoes

After take-off on the “Red-eye” from Perth to Sydney the other night, I decided to forego the in-flight entertainment and listen to my own music and hopefully get some shut-eye. This was my last trip home after delivering our Janus CEO Transition Program in Ruah Community Services. The assignment took 9 months to complete and […]

To Get Respect You Need To Do More Than Lip-Sync Aretha

By Chris Gandy I was watching Aretha Franklin belt out R-E-S-P-E-C-T in an umpteenth rerun of the Blues Brothers movie the other night and couldn’t but help think how this song was probably sending leaders mixed messages. On the one hand, it strongly reinforces our human need to be respected – particularly as Aretha presents […]

The Power Of More Than One

By Ian Sampson High profile leaders of the past and present have usually been great at one aspect of leadership and merely good to so so at several others. For example,  George Bush was good at strategy in mobilising US citizens in the War on Terror but was pretty ordinary on fiscal responsibility, as witnessed by his $1.2 […]

OK, Let’s Talk About Kevin

By Chris Gandy Apologies to Lionel Shriver fans and those who just can’t get enough copy about our former PM. My Kevin is not a person, fictional or otherwise, but is a little Kookaburra and he is truly inspirational. Kevin has been a regular companion for a few years now. I don’t feed him any treats […]

The Best Advice I Ever Received as a NFP CEO

From Chris Gandy I left a senior role in the corporate sector to take up a CEO position in a relatively small not for profit in the mid 80’s During my first week I meet with the organisation’s Chairman who himself was a senior executive of a large Australian company. He welcomed me on board […]

Great! That Means Another 50 Years of Prostate Exams ….

  By Ian Sampson “The good news is: I plan to live until I am 110,” I informed my GP recently. Before he could bluster a response I charged on with:  “The really good news is: I want you to be around when I die!” He responded with an evil glint in his eye:  “Great! […]

Tell Me What Your Really Thinking – The Importance of Board Feedback

“I am so frustrated. My board is made up of some wonderful passionate and well intentioned people, but they are absolutely hopeless in giving me any constructive feedback on how I and my senior team are travelling. We are flying blind you know”” This was the opening remark from a seasoned not for profit CEO I recently […]

The Same But So Different

By Chris Gandy Working with Cause and Effective is like shifting through a box of assorted buttons. The organisations we deal with have one thing in common – are all cause-based. But there the similarity ends. They have different missions, sets of stakeholders, are different sizes and are located in diverse locations across this continent of ours. […]