Skip the Mission and go straight to the Vision

By Chris Gandy Perhaps I am being alarmist, but I am genuinely concerned that the NFP sector is failing to develop and attract the calibre of leaders needed to meet the demands our society is placing on it. Not that great people aren’t out there, they are. It is just that as a sector we […]

Distraction, The Biggest Of All Mission Killers

By Chris Gandy All of us involved in any sport that had a ball in it can remember being told from day dot by a parent or a patient coach – “keep your eye on the ball”. Pretty sound advice which is highly useful in a whole range of life endeavors – but oh so […]

Does your Cause receive the respect it deserves?

If you are an employee, board member, volunteer or supporter of a cause-based organisation, stop and think for a moment  about whether the Cause is receiving the reverence it deserves. The Cause is why your organisation exists. It is why you and your colleagues joined and support the organisation. The reason the organisation receives tax […]

Cause is central, just ask LIVESTRONG!

Thankfully few cause-based organisations have faced dramas of the intensity that the LIVESTRONG Foundation recently has. Everyone is familiar with the story. LIVESTRONG’s founder, media face, central fundraising tool and global ambassador at large, Lance Armstrong, admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his seven Tour de France wins. How do you survive that! Recently Doug […]