Who’s Talking Amalgamation?

By Steve Dixon Highlights from the AICD 2014 NFP Governance and Performance Study confirmed that “merger” is on the agenda for 30% of boards. Intuitively this feels right and reflects our current operating environment. So it’s probably worth talking much more about mergers & amalgamations. And one of the things that most deserves more talk […]

In An Amalgamation, Remove Price And What Are You Left With?

By Steve Dixon A fundamental prerequisite to successfully amalgamating two Not-For-Profits (NFP) is trust. Attempting to combine any two NFP’s is hard enough at the best of times; doing so without building trust usually engenders an unhappy outcome. Why? A distinguishing feature of NFP Amalgamations is the absence of price.  Remove the driving market force […]

The Race Is On!

By Ian Sampson No, this is not a post about a certain famous Australian horse race conducted earlier this month. This one is about the race for survival, from a couple of different perspectives. I have been travelling for two weeks in Pakistan. Great country. Lots of issues and opportunities. Lousy air. Like many countries with […]