Seven New Rules of Marketing

    By Patrick McFadden Over the past few years I’ve had the good fortune to speak and consult with start-ups and established organisations. Through my experience I have come up with the seven new rules of marketing that I think every start-up and small to midsize for profit or not for profit organisation should […]

Creating Massive Marketing Success for Your Cause

By Patrick McFadden  If you’re trying to market a cause or anything for that matter, you’re probably looking for that one silver bullet or key to make your organisation explode in supporters and fundraising .You buy the books, the online courses, the CDs and the DVDs that will tell you the steps to unlocking this massive marketing success. You subscribe […]

Does Your Marketing Do That?

By Patrick McFadden  That’s the question. Marketing has a job, it has to do something. Marketing typically never fails in the mental creation. It fails in implementation. It fails in the doing.If you want to build more muscle, then you must do the push-up. If you want to attract, obtain and keep supporters, your marketing […]

Marketing is a Process

By Patrick McFadden In my work as a marketing consultant I often meet with not-for-profits to discuss, “how they are building awareness and visibility for their  services?” What I end up finding is that their mindset toward marketing is a one time deal, I call it the “shotgun approach.” They believe that you can run an […]

The Only Way To Win Is To Be Positively Talked About

By Patrick McFadden I’ve been doing a lot thinking about, “what really grows businesses?” How do they break through the noise, the clutter, and experience success? Eventually it came to me. The asset that every successful for profit and not-for-profit has is: a referable experience. An experience worth talking about.  They create an experience with using their product or […]