“Leaders we have, leadership we do not”

By Ian Sampson We are getting lots of interest in Powerful Leadership in Action. Here are some insights that explain what lies behind our work with Leaders who want to move their organisations forward using this simple but effective leadership approach. As some wise old timer once said: “Leaders we have; leadership we do not.”  […]

Its All About Trust, Just Ask Our Sheep

Some know that farming is my other occupation. It’s a great activity – I learn what sustainability really looks like, it gets me outdoors, I exercise without needing a personal trainer or gym equipment and, believe it or not, it has taught me so much about leadership – in fact I call it my “leadership farm”. Here’s one example….. We have […]

Misleading Conduct # 1: Not Providing Context

In a recent post, Ian Sampson identified 21 examples of poor leadership which he described as “Misleading conduct”.  Over the coming months he will dive into these examples in more detail commencing today with the issue of not providing context for staff. By Ian Sampson You may have heard of the old story of the two […]