Sensitive Leadership

By Ian Sampson : A colleague recently described me as a new age type of leader… sensitive, caring, wanting to serve others. Does that make me a sensitive leader? Yes, and No. Good leaders use their sense, their sensitivity and their senses in being leaders in the moment. There is some debate whether the old […]

Good Help Is Hard To Give

Many people find giving help hard work. How many times have you tried simply to talk about what is bothering you, only to be met with “well – here’s what I would do”? With the implicit message that you should do that too. Operating with the best of intentions we may give what we think […]

Listen Up! (If You Want to Succeed in Social Media)

   By Dennis Fischman The secret to social media success isn’t in talking – it’s in listening. That’s what Dave Kerpen, the author of Likeable Social Media, wants us to know.  Dave tells the story of the time he arrived in Las Vegas after a six-hour flight only to wait another hour at his hotel, […]

Listening Beneath the Surface

By Dennis Fischman So many readers enjoyed my post “Are You Listening, Nonprofits?“, I thought you might like a little more advice about social listening. Craig Jamieson is a submarine fan, and he tells us that social listening is like sonar.  Use it to find: Conversations that show something about the people who support you […]


By Dennis Fischman I’ve noticed that many communications pros pay a great amount of attention to tactics: what medium to use, what words to say, how often to reach out to your audience. I tend to pay attention to strategy: whom are you trying to reach, for what purpose?  What will they do if you […]

Now Listen Here

By Sara Harrup When someone starts talking about listening skills we usually start to groan. Yeah I know all about listening, we say. I’ve been to a million courses and heard a million people talk about communication and listening. There isn’t anything more I can learn. I mean, it’s a basic skill. And therein lies […]