Recruit a CEO for Tomorrow, Not Today

By Chris Gandy We Not for Profit Board Members are typically very diligent when it comes to recruiting a new CEO. After all, we are very busy people and the last thing a Chair or fellow Board members want is to be dragged in to steer a leaderless ship. So what usually happens? We urgent review today’s […]

Like Transforming a Home Into a Grand Design

  By Chris Gandy When attempting to explain a new concept or way of doing things, it is interesting how many in the audience try to liken the idea to an existing construct. I have been on the road lately talking about our Janus Leadership Transition Program and a common reaction has been to compare […]

Turning Lemons Into Lemon Sorbet With Interim Leadership

  We have published a number of posts on Leadership Transition over the year and attempted to argue the case for not for profit Boards to seriously consider following a formal Transition Program when recruiting a new CEO. Here Tara Levy of Greenlights points out that such a Program is of great benefit to an organisation even when the “recruitment […]

No Need to Hit The Panic Button When a CEO Decides to Leave

By Chris Gandy If you have been a Director of a not for profit, I am sure you can relate to this. I received a call recently from a Board Member of a mid-sized cause-based organisation and the conversation went roughly like this: “Heard you are back in Executive Recruitment” she said “Well yes, kind […]