Our Interim CEO’s Aspire To Be More Than Caretakers

Please don’t get us wrong. If a Board of a cause-based organisation decides to engage an Interim CEO and they instruct that person to “simply hold the fort” while they decide on a future direction, it is entirely their prerogative. And we are sure that there are many Interims who are prepared to take on […]

Turning Lemons Into Lemon Sorbet With Interim Leadership

  We have published a number of posts on Leadership Transition over the year and attempted to argue the case for not for profit Boards to seriously consider following a formal Transition Program when recruiting a new CEO. Here Tara Levy of Greenlights points out that such a Program is of great benefit to an organisation even when the “recruitment […]

Give Your New CEO An Even Chance By Reducing Wake Turbulence

By Chris Gandy This is the third in our series of posts each dedicated to one of the opportunities (we call them Janus Factors) that present themselves to cause-based organisations during the executive transition period between the announcement of a Chief Executive’s departure and the on-boarding of a replacement. Last Monday I  caught an early morning flight from […]

Seizing opportunity from the jaws of crisis

By Chris Gandy Even in the best of circumstances the departure of a Chief Executive from a cause-based organisation can be highly disruptive. Staff are unsettled. Programs may be placed at risk. Indecision and uncertainty often reign. Clients get twitchy not to mention funding bodies. Also, if we are absolutely honest with ourselves more the one volunteer […]

I quit!

By Rachel Muir This post originally appeared at connection cafe and rachelmuir.com on January 20, 2012. We thank Rachel for agreeing to slight changes for our Cause and Effective audience. Two words a board chair never wants to hear from their CEO. Few things can be as disruptive to an organisations success as a Chief Executive transition. […]

“We need a charismatic leader for our not-for-profit!” Do you?

By Chris Gandy Recently we were asked by the Chair of a mid-sized not-for-profit to help with the recruitment of a new CEO. The new person, “Must have charisma in spades – just like their predecessor!”… we were instructed. Fairly clear instructions. But before we proceeded we had a chat about this much vaunted trait of charisma […]