Taking Inspiration From Yesterday

Invariably at this time of year as we catch-up with family and friends, conversation at some point focuses on the year just passed and various prognostications for the one ahead. Not sure about your circle, but those around me seemed to feel 2015 was a pretty lousy year. I must admit, they appear to have […]

How Highly Does Your Not-For-Profit Rank Innovation?

By Chris Gandy Came across two pieces of PwC research which shows that CEO’s around the world are increasing  their efforts to innovate and find new ways to do business, in a move to stimulate growth in a challenging global business environment. A PwC Pulse Survey of 246 CEOs in North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the […]

Stop Stressing About Innovation, Just Continuously Improve

By Chris Gandy Executive coaching in the cause-based sector is such a rewarding and stimulating activity on so many levels. One deals with highly motivated, talented and dedicated people who are mostly focused on bettering themselves so that they can deliver better outcomes for the people they serve. A byproduct of this is that as a coach you […]

Unlock your best ideas

By Patrick McFadden Here are some tips to unlock your creativity and your best ideas: You need more “me” time. Get away from your normal routine. Go for a long walk, exercise more Take an art (woodworking, sculpture, gardening) class Put yourself around people who are high performers. Henry Ford once said he didn’t want […]