The Custodians of Failure

You are in a discussion about how to do something better at work. There is good agreement that the practice needs to be changed. The idea of the meeting is to canvass suggestions to be evaluated after a series of meetings to generate ideas. The discussion is going well, and then. One of your organisation’s […]

Don’t Blame Me I Did What I Was Asked

I love this story from “the “Leadership Farm” vault because it conjures up all sorts of images about the Australian outback and animal behaviour and carries a strong leadership lesson to boot. “In the days before helicopter mustering, dirt bikes, and digital anything, tasks on outback sheep and cattle stations were ably carried out by […]

Can being an Illusionist help you become a more effective leader?

By Chris Gandy Have you experienced coming across a random piece of information or advice that for some reason resonates and seems to stick with you for life? I have. Way back, almost before there was a digital anything, when researching for my honours thesis in Applied Psychology, I came across an article by Dr. Ellen […]