Adeptly Tackling Wicked Problems

  Uncertainty around complexity is more manageable when you think differently about the problems and the people involved and you have a proven process to follow. To us different thinking means that we need to be ADEPT : Appreciative that people, at their best, bring experience, knowledge and wisdom to decision-making. Accepting that Diverse perspectives, knowledge and values […]

The Custodians of Failure

You are in a discussion about how to do something better at work. There is good agreement that the practice needs to be changed. The idea of the meeting is to canvass suggestions to be evaluated after a series of meetings to generate ideas. The discussion is going well, and then. One of your organisation’s […]

“Time to Blow-up the Strategic Plan!”

A friend sent me an email last week with the subject line proclaiming “Time to Blow-up the Strategic Plan!” The body of the email contained the gruesome details of the outcome of his organisation’s tender submission for the continuation and expansion of a major part of its business. To say the least they had been […]

Great! That Means Another 50 Years of Prostate Exams ….

  By Ian Sampson “The good news is: I plan to live until I am 110,” I informed my GP recently. Before he could bluster a response I charged on with:  “The really good news is: I want you to be around when I die!” He responded with an evil glint in his eye:  “Great! […]

What Did We Decide Again?

By Joe Moore Supporting your organisation’s direction includes the behaviours of challenging a decision before it is made, and actively supporting the final decision even if you disagree with it. One of the day-to-day difficulties with this is that often after a decision-making meeting we may not be sure what the decision is to which […]

Misleading Conduct #4 – Making Lousy Decisions or No Decisions At All

By Ian Sampson So much of leadership is really about providing usable direction to followers. Followers yearn for a leader who can point them in the right direction. Leaders do a lot of other things as well, but providing direction is foundational and fundamental. Much of managing is about making decisions on how to get […]

Not making a decision is a decision

By Chris Gandy During a coaching session with CEO, he related that he had agonised for the past 7 months about whether to introduce a new case management system – he just couldn’t make a decision. As decisiveness is such a critical element of our Bold Leadership touchstone, I simply couldn’t let this comment “go through to […]

Has your Board driven to Nowhere lately?

You are probably familiar with The Road to Abilene, a business parable addressing the dangers of groupthink. I have changed Abilene to “Nowhere”, a mythical outback Australian town, and the story goes something like this: There is a group sitting around a veranda on a very hot summer’s day and one says: hey, we could […]