“Just Remember It Is The 28th July And You Will Be Fine!”

By Chris Gandy The National Disability Services NSW Conference this week focused on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which is slated to be up and running in around 500 days. As with most of these sorts of events there were a number of quotable quotes. One which struck a chord from a seasoned provider […]

People Crave to Contribute – Release Their Desire

By Chris Gandy W. Edwards Deming is probably best known for his “plan, do, study, act” cycle, which also has been referred to as the Deming Circle. In the light of this very process based concept, it may surprise some that Deming also placed a heavy emphasis on the value of people and relationships. He […]

“Just remember it is the 28th July and you will be fine”

When I was a Psychology undergraduate I was required to do a one week  work experience assignment in a large mental health facility. On my first day I was asked to report to the Clinical Services Manager. When I arrived all bright-eyed and busy tailed the receptionist directed me a large waiting room. The room was empty of people except […]