When the Rains Come

  By Sara Harrup 23 years ago I was a nurse working in the operating theatre of a large public hospital. One day whilst assisting with surgery on a man whose life was hanging in the balance, all the power went down. There were a few seconds where everything went quiet (except the sound of […]

Misleading Conduct #15: Having a Dysfunctional Home Life

By Ian Sampson As the old saying goes, “Being emotionally crippled is not essential for running a business but it sure helps!” (I just made that old saying up!) So what if your personal life is a mess? What does it matter, so long as you delude yourself that you are keeping up appearances on […]

Are You Losing It?

By Ian Sampson Janice sat in her office with the door shut staring at her screen for a moment. “Why am I so disconnected,” she wondered. ” I’m living at work, the cat won’t acknowledge that she knows me anymore. My Board members are tetchy with me and my best friend is offhanded when we meet […]

Creating Massive Marketing Success for Your Cause

By Patrick McFadden  If you’re trying to market a cause or anything for that matter, you’re probably looking for that one silver bullet or key to make your organisation explode in supporters and fundraising .You buy the books, the online courses, the CDs and the DVDs that will tell you the steps to unlocking this massive marketing success. You subscribe […]

Nice Tee Shirt – Not!

Chris Gandy wrote a great blog recently about and the benefits that flow to people and their organisations when Leaders create trusting relationships. The article reminded me of a conversation I had with a “battler” at the local shopping mall the other day. He was a middle aged guy wearing a black Tee shirt that […]

Its All About Trust, Just Ask Our Sheep

Some know that farming is my other occupation. It’s a great activity – I learn what sustainability really looks like, it gets me outdoors, I exercise without needing a personal trainer or gym equipment and, believe it or not, it has taught me so much about leadership – in fact I call it my “leadership farm”. Here’s one example….. We have […]

“Gee, you need to be resiliant to work for a not-for-profit!”

So said an acquaintance who, having been on a roller-coaster ride for many years in a cause-based organisation, was finally retrenched as the organisation continued to struggle with marketplace and funding changes. Knowing his case is not isolated and that workplace stresses and uncertainty is not confined to the not-for-profit sector, I decided to do […]