Marathon: 4 Lessons Boston 2013 Taught Me About Communication

By Dennis Fischman “Oh my God,” I said, “I have friends in that race!”I can’t remember exactly how I first heard about the Boston Marathon bombing last year, but I know that was the first thing I said.And I know the first things I did: turn on the radio, and get onto social media. I […]

You CAN Be Too Brief

From Dennis Fischman We’ve all heard the advice. Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or writing a letter, shorter is better.  Right? But it is possible to be too brief. The fish monger looked up proudly at his new hand-painted sign.  “Fresh fish sold here,” it proclaimed. A friend tapped him on the shoulder. “Nice sign, but […]

Here’s Your Communications Strategy. Fill In the Blanks.

By Dennis Fischman Your organisation needs a communications strategy.  Why?  For a lot of the same reasons why Kivi Leroux Miller recommends having a content strategy: To focus on your supporters’ goals. To make your readers think of you as a welcome guest who shares expertise. To take your random content and turn it into a larger story. […]