Are Your Volunteers Tiggers Or Eeyores?

By Dennis Fischman : Does your organisation use volunteers? Then you know they’re more than just do-gooders. Your volunteers are: Hands doing work your staff don’t have to do Eyes perceiving things you might miss Voices, speaking for you and about you to their friends Donors! People who give their time are more likely to […]

I’ve Never Met a Vodka I Didn’t Like

By Joe Moore A couple of strangers sat down at the long, common café table. Both laden with shopping bags. One of them asked for a vodka tonic, and settled for a glass of white wine. The other looked up from the menu and ordered white wine and then asked; “Do you know about vodka? […]

Seven New Rules of Marketing

    By Patrick McFadden Over the past few years I’ve had the good fortune to speak and consult with start-ups and established organisations. Through my experience I have come up with the seven new rules of marketing that I think every start-up and small to midsize for profit or not for profit organisation should […]


By Dennis Fischman I’ve noticed that many communications pros pay a great amount of attention to tactics: what medium to use, what words to say, how often to reach out to your audience. I tend to pay attention to strategy: whom are you trying to reach, for what purpose?  What will they do if you […]

You CAN Be Too Brief

From Dennis Fischman We’ve all heard the advice. Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or writing a letter, shorter is better.  Right? But it is possible to be too brief. The fish monger looked up proudly at his new hand-painted sign.  “Fresh fish sold here,” it proclaimed. A friend tapped him on the shoulder. “Nice sign, but […]

What Are You Trying to Change in 2014?

From Dennis Fischman So it’s a new year, and you have a list of resolutions in hand. Why did you write them down? Because it’s easier to make changes when you have a clear sense of what you’re trying to change. That’s true about yourself.  It’s doubly true when you’re trying to change other people.When […]

Here’s Your Communications Strategy. Fill In the Blanks.

By Dennis Fischman Your organisation needs a communications strategy.  Why?  For a lot of the same reasons why Kivi Leroux Miller recommends having a content strategy: To focus on your supporters’ goals. To make your readers think of you as a welcome guest who shares expertise. To take your random content and turn it into a larger story. […]

Leading without saying a word

As managers or supervisors have you ever thought of how many words you utter each week either verbally or in written form giving direction, advice, encouragement, sharing knowledge etc.? Have you ever stopped to think just how effective all this “ wordage” is? Hitting the mark 70%, 50%,20% of the time? Maybe you are not […]