Why Should Not For Profits Bother With Social Media

    When people hear that I consult to not for profits on communications, sooner or later, they ask me, “Dennis, is it really worth it? Can I raise funds for my organisation on social media?” I’m sorry, people, but those are two different questions. Question 1: Are Social Media Worth It for Your Organisation? First, […]

Your Nonprofit’s Impact … on My Cat

  “Uh-oh, we’re almost out of Clark Bar’s medicine,” I thought. “Time to order it again.” Clark Bar is a venerable gentleman cat of 18 years. He has a problem with his thyroid, so I give him soft tablets of methimazole mixed in with  his wet food. I order the tablets from a compounding pharmacy […]

How Small Not For Profits Light Up Social Media

From Dennis Fischman Is your not for profit organisation based in a single community?  Congratulations: you have natural advantages when it comes to social media. What are your advantages?  The same strengths that social media maven Mark Schaefer sees for small businesses–only more so. Local angle.  “I could care less about a tweet from a mega-brand,” […]