Small Change

  Sometimes when we are considering making a change at work or outside work we struggle. Some of the steps and tasks towards making the change seem so minor we skip them. One more chocolate – what difference could one make to our healthy living objective? We’ve decided to focus at our team meetings and […]

Making Change Happen

  By Chris Gandy A clear challenge faced by many leaders is to inspire their organisations to change. And it is a tough job for as Woodrow Wilson once said: “If you want to make enemies, try to change something” People resist change and in many cases need a great deal of encouragement to embrace […]

Change or Moving Forward?

By Attila Ovari There is a lot of material on change management and how the only constant in the world is change itself. This focus on change and change management can make us think that change is what we should be aiming for. But do we have it all wrong? Should we be talking about change […]

“The only people I have met who liked change…….”

By Joe Moore The topic was change. The speaker’s first line was “the only people I have met who liked change were babies with dirty diapers – nappies to Australians”. The audience collectively settled in for an engaging 10 minutes. At lunch – his was the only talk people discussed and laughed at. Nodding our […]