Now NFP’s Have Three Options: Merge, Perish or …… Network

  If we are to listen to some high profile NFP players lately, small to medium cause-based organisations have two options : merge or perish! All pretty depressing stuff if your organisation is now on this new endangered species list. Even worse if you, a family member or community is reliant on one of these supposedly […]

Alpha or Omega?

Note To Leaders of Cause-Based Organisations To effectively lead your organisation from good to great could I respectfully suggest you: Don’t follow, lead & pursue. Don’t copy, create & cultivate. Don’t start, finish & complete. Don’t sit still, move & shift. Don’t fit in, stand out & be extraordinary. Don’t sit quietly, speak up & with […]

Why isn’t servant leadership more prevalent?

By Cynder Sinclair D.M. With servant leadership, a leader’s primary role is to serve employees. Everyone from Lao-Tzu to Max De Pree thinks this a wonderful model. Why then, asks Professor Jim Heskett in this insightful article, is this style so rare among CEOs? What is Servant Leadership? Servant leadership is an age-old concept, a term […]

What does bold leadership look like?

By Chris Gandy Of all our Touchstones, the one that tends to take most explaining is Bold Leadership…. “What do you mean by bold leadership?” “How do I know whether I am a bold leader or not?” …are two of the common questions we are asked. To make our position on this Touchstone a little […]

Not making a decision is a decision

By Chris Gandy During a coaching session with CEO, he related that he had agonised for the past 7 months about whether to introduce a new case management system – he just couldn’t make a decision. As decisiveness is such a critical element of our Bold Leadership touchstone, I simply couldn’t let this comment “go through to […]