Tell Me What Your Really Thinking – The Importance of Board Feedback

“I am so frustrated. My board is made up of some wonderful passionate and well intentioned people, but they are absolutely hopeless in giving me any constructive feedback on how I and my senior team are travelling. We are flying blind you know”” This was the opening remark from a seasoned not for profit CEO I recently […]

Questions can be far more important than the answer.

By Chris Gandy Having sat through many many board meetings in cause-based organisations I am convinced that very few board members appreciate the immense power they have to create lasting change by simply asking some seemingly innocuous questions. Recognition of the power of questions goes way back. Socrates taught by asking questions. Einstein once said: “If I had an […]

Has your Board driven to Nowhere lately?

You are probably familiar with The Road to Abilene, a business parable addressing the dangers of groupthink. I have changed Abilene to “Nowhere”, a mythical outback Australian town, and the story goes something like this: There is a group sitting around a veranda on a very hot summer’s day and one says: hey, we could […]

Does your Cause receive the respect it deserves?

If you are an employee, board member, volunteer or supporter of a cause-based organisation, stop and think for a moment  about whether the Cause is receiving the reverence it deserves. The Cause is why your organisation exists. It is why you and your colleagues joined and support the organisation. The reason the organisation receives tax […]