Taking Inspiration From Yesterday

Invariably at this time of year as we catch-up with family and friends, conversation at some point focuses on the year just passed and various prognostications for the one ahead. Not sure about your circle, but those around me seemed to feel 2015 was a pretty lousy year. I must admit, they appear to have […]

Avoiding That Sinking Feeling

  I visited  Titanic – The Exhibition recently – you may have caught it when it was in your part of the world. While the exhibition was quite a moving experience, I couldn’t help but think that the people in leadership positions – the White Star Line (WSL) Board and their faithful servant Capt. Edward J Smith – who […]

Is Your Team Missing the Foundations of Great Teamwork?

By Nina Sochon : Imagine you are the leader of a team where occasional blaming and backstabbing are the norm. Conflicts are frequent and they don’t always result in a healthy outcome. Occasionally conflict has quite a significant impact on your team’s productivity. You want to bring out the best in your people but your […]

It Takes Guts

  Recently I was at my children’s school for their assembly. Before they introduced the elected Student Representative Council (SRC) members for 2016 the principal congratulated all who nominated. He congratulated all the students who had put their names forward. It takes guts to put yourself out their. It does take guts, it does take courage. People […]

The View From a Diminishing Window

Suppose you learned you were developing Alzheimer’s disease. What would you do? Would you take a long-delayed vacation? Spend your time hoping for a cure? What Mitch Evich did was start a blog. The Diminishing Window is Evich’s place to explore the meaning of life. Since August 2015, he has written on a variety of […]

Now NFP’s Have Three Options: Merge, Perish or …… Network

  If we are to listen to some high profile NFP players lately, small to medium cause-based organisations have two options : merge or perish! All pretty depressing stuff if your organisation is now on this new endangered species list. Even worse if you, a family member or community is reliant on one of these supposedly […]


  You probably have a couple of credit cards. You guard your password or pin number diligently. Only you may spend money on your credit card. Imagine your work time is like a credit card. Lots of people ask you for your time for meetings, catch-ups over coffee, interruptions…these folk are spending your time. You […]

Lead By Sharing Others Ideas

  As a leader in your company and in your field, please share your own experiences. It’s a good thing to do! Your stories–and the lessons you’ve learned–will be valuable to your colleagues when they face similar challenges. You can share your stories and lessons in person, or on social media, or in a blog […]

Put It In Writing….

  How many times have you heard “we can’t do anything about it until you put it in writing?” For whatever reason the person making the statement has – it’s rarely a helpful statement to make. You say “write” and I hear “dismissed”. Especially in response to a conversation about other’s poor behaviour. Yet the […]

Being a Board Chair Can Be Difficult

  How often have you heard a Board Chair announce to a meeting something like:  “Mary has decided to leave the Board, who do you know who can replace her”? Unfortunately, the “who do you know” recruitment process, which still seems to be alive and well in the not for profit sector, is hardly the recipe for a high […]