Measuring social impact – gains and gaps

By Chris Gandy One of our major Touchstones is “Effect”. In other words, what is the effect or impact of our programs? Are they positively changing behaviour, assisting our clients to a better place, reversing global warming etc.? While it is really encouraging to come across more and more organisations genuinely talking about this Touchstone, […]

Interesting trends amongst US nonprofits

This week the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) released the results of their fifth annual State of the Nonprofit Sector survey. As far as I can see the data relates only to US cause-based organisations but the information is useful and the lessons for Australian organisations are obvious. Approximately 6000 organisations participated  and shared  how they are adapting their […]

Trends – In Cause-based Communications

At B-Cause we plan to regularly report on trends we see occurring in the global cause-based sector. The first of these comes from Kivi Leroux Miller of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide who conducted an online survey of 1,435 cause-based organisations asking a variety of marketing questions: In what shape is your marketing plan for 2013? Which communications tools […]

“Marketing gets no respect in the nonprofit world”

So says David Williamson, writing for the Centre for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Georgetown University. David’s paper is excellent and while the cause-based sector is slightly different in Australia, from a funding perspective due to the relatively high level of Government funding, the need for an effective marketing strategy is essential and you could do […]