If Not Now, Then When?

  Today the UN has proclaimed to be International Day of the World’s Indigenous People – an occasion to celebrate the stories, cultures and unique identities of indigenous Peoples around the world. In following a few links about the Day, I came across an interesting project that I would like to make more people aware of […]

“The Helping Hand” – A Scary Not For Profit Story

By Chris Gandy Over at Nonprofit With Balls Vu Le has been collecting and running a number of “scary” not for profit stories to get us in a ghoulish mood for Halloween. We have borrowed one of the yarns and given it a bit of an Australian flavour and here it is: The CEO of a […]

Some Inspiration for 2014 Via Frankie

From Chris Gandy I guess everyone approaches a new year differently. A few see it as an opportunity to turn a new leaf and perhaps stop a certain behaviour (such as eating chocolate biscuits etc.) Most treat it as a chance to socialise and party. I probably fall into the first category though rather than […]

The TV Networks Should Pay Royalties to God for the Weather

By Chris Gandy I get it that farmers constantly talk about the weather. After all it is the single biggest determinant as to whether their businesses will have a good or lousy year. Farming business decisions can literally change on a daily basis as a result of this one factor over which they have no control. Little wonder it […]