Why Should Not For Profits Bother With Social Media

    When people hear that I consult to not for profits on communications, sooner or later, they ask me, “Dennis, is it really worth it? Can I raise funds for my organisation on social media?” I’m sorry, people, but those are two different questions. Question 1: Are Social Media Worth It for Your Organisation? First, […]

Chopsticks, Hammers, and Social Media

My dear father could never master the use of chopsticks.  He resented people who did.  Whenever we went out to a Chinese restaurant and other people reached for the sticks, he would grumble, “A fork has always been good enough for me.  I don’t know why it’s not good enough for you.” I think of […]

Effective Storytelling By People Just Like You

  By Chris Gandy Our friend Dennis Fischman writes often about the effectiveness of good storytelling in gaining support for your Cause. Intuitively what he says makes a great deal of sense but often we tend to dismiss his suggestions as being only for tech savvy not for profits with big marketing budgets. Well think […]

What is the ROI of Social Networking?

  By Patrick McFadden I have conversations on a daily basis with leaders about marketing and unavoidably this question always comes up, “What is the ROI of social networking?” I get emails from frustrated marketers who want to get more active with social networking, but can’t convince their manager that it’s worth it. My response to the […]

Can Your Organisation Tell a Story to Save Itself?

By Dennis Fischman Have you heard the tale of Scheherazade? She was a noble lady who married the king of Arabia.  Her new husband had a grim habit: marrying and killing off a wife every night. Scheherazade’s  beauty couldn’t save her, but her stories did. Night after night, she told him one fascinating story after […]

Listening Beneath the Surface

By Dennis Fischman So many readers enjoyed my post “Are You Listening, Nonprofits?“, I thought you might like a little more advice about social listening. Craig Jamieson is a submarine fan, and he tells us that social listening is like sonar.  Use it to find: Conversations that show something about the people who support you […]

All Hands on Board for Social Media

  By Dennis Fischman Let’s say you’ve made the decision: you want your employees on social media. It took some courage to arrive at that decision.  You’ve heard the horror stories  about what can happen when things go wrong.  But you know that people will talk about you online, no matter what.  It’s better for […]

Write a Social Media Policy That Works

By Dennis Fischman   Your organisation should have a social media policy, not so much to tell employees what not to do as to tell them what they can and should do. Why?  Because your employees are a source of all the good stuff you can share on social media.  Success stories.  Fascinating facts.  Good […]

Who’s On Board: Dennis Fischman, Communicate! Consulting

Through your communications, your not-for-profit organization can win and keep loyal friends.  Their support will help you find the time and raise the money that your mission deserves.  But how will you build strong relationships with supporters when you are working so hard on your programs already?   You have a story to tell.  Let […]