Who’s On Board: Dennis Fischman, Communicate! Consulting

Through your communications, your not-for-profit organization can win and keep loyal friends.  Their support will help you find the time and raise the money that your mission deserves.  But how will you build strong relationships with supporters when you are working so hard on your programs already?   You have a story to tell.  Let […]

A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Communications Pro Walk into a Bar…

By Dennis Fischman Can you tell a joke?  Then you can write for blogs and social media. I don’t mean to say that what you write has to be funny.  Although, God knows we could use some humour sometimes!  But jokes have the basic ingredients you need to make people want to read what you […]

It Is Not Always Awesome Being Awesome

From Chris Gandy Recently I was listening to a talk-back radio program where the presenter invited listeners to ring-in and tell the audience what words and phrases that really grated on them . The presenter said she was flooded with callers and some of them that made it to air listed words such as selfie, robust, going […]

You CAN Be Too Brief

From Dennis Fischman We’ve all heard the advice. Whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or writing a letter, shorter is better.  Right? But it is possible to be too brief. The fish monger looked up proudly at his new hand-painted sign.  “Fresh fish sold here,” it proclaimed. A friend tapped him on the shoulder. “Nice sign, but […]

How Small Not For Profits Light Up Social Media

From Dennis Fischman Is your not for profit organisation based in a single community?  Congratulations: you have natural advantages when it comes to social media. What are your advantages?  The same strengths that social media maven Mark Schaefer sees for small businesses–only more so. Local angle.  “I could care less about a tweet from a mega-brand,” […]

What Are You Trying to Change in 2014?

From Dennis Fischman So it’s a new year, and you have a list of resolutions in hand. Why did you write them down? Because it’s easier to make changes when you have a clear sense of what you’re trying to change. That’s true about yourself.  It’s doubly true when you’re trying to change other people.When […]