The One Way to Get Donors to Give Again and Again

    Does your nonprofit live and die by donations? Chances are you’re dying. You work so hard to get a donation, especially at the end of the year. By next year, however, more than half those donors–59%–will disappear. You will never hear from them again. It’s even worse with new donors. Three-quarters of them […]

Lead By Sharing Others Ideas

  As a leader in your company and in your field, please share your own experiences. It’s a good thing to do! Your stories–and the lessons you’ve learned–will be valuable to your colleagues when they face similar challenges. You can share your stories and lessons in person, or on social media, or in a blog […]

What Bait Do Fish Like?

An important skill for getting along with others is “versatility”. If we are versatile we can move freely from person to person, from one topic to another. We interact with many people and we find it constructive to be able to adapt, to be flexible. Getting a good reputation for versatility means we find ways […]

Why Does Your Work Matter? Tell the Story

  By Dennis Fischman “I never really understood what our not for profit did until I heard what we did for my friend.” That was a Board member speaking. The not for profit the Board member (let’s call him Paul) served was trying to end poverty in the local community. Preventing evictions, and keeping people in their […]

Listen Up! (If You Want to Succeed in Social Media)

   By Dennis Fischman The secret to social media success isn’t in talking – it’s in listening. That’s what Dave Kerpen, the author of Likeable Social Media, wants us to know.  Dave tells the story of the time he arrived in Las Vegas after a six-hour flight only to wait another hour at his hotel, […]

Can Your Organisation Tell a Story to Save Itself?

By Dennis Fischman Have you heard the tale of Scheherazade? She was a noble lady who married the king of Arabia.  Her new husband had a grim habit: marrying and killing off a wife every night. Scheherazade’s  beauty couldn’t save her, but her stories did. Night after night, she told him one fascinating story after […]

Goldilocks and the Three Not For Profits

By Dennis Fischman Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks.  She liked to give away money. One day Goldilocks went exploring the forest of letters, email, and online posts she received.  She found herself in the house of three not for profits.  She sat down at their table and sampled what […]

Not For Profits Can Do Better With Content Marketing

By Dennis Fischman Give people information that matters to them and you will draw them closer to your cause. This is the basic principle of content marketing.  It’s a natural approach for not for profits to take.  Many of us know a lot about the issues we work on and the communities we serve.  We have […]

Marathon: 4 Lessons Boston 2013 Taught Me About Communication

By Dennis Fischman “Oh my God,” I said, “I have friends in that race!”I can’t remember exactly how I first heard about the Boston Marathon bombing last year, but I know that was the first thing I said.And I know the first things I did: turn on the radio, and get onto social media. I […]

What a Toddler Taught Me about Communicating

By Dennis Fischman My nineteen-month-old niece was crying as if her heart would break. Her heart was fine, actually.  It was her grandfather’s heart that was cracked open for a triple bypass, in a hospital an hour away.  So her mother had gone to the hospital, and I was spending the day taking care of […]