Adeptly Tackling Wicked Problems

  Uncertainty around complexity is more manageable when you think differently about the problems and the people involved and you have a proven process to follow. To us different thinking means that we need to be ADEPT : Appreciative that people, at their best, bring experience, knowledge and wisdom to decision-making. Accepting that Diverse perspectives, knowledge and values […]

“Time to Blow-up the Strategic Plan!”

A friend sent me an email last week with the subject line proclaiming “Time to Blow-up the Strategic Plan!” The body of the email contained the gruesome details of the outcome of his organisation’s tender submission for the continuation and expansion of a major part of its business. To say the least they had been […]

The 4 X 2 Rule: Projects on Steroids

By Joe Moore A common rule of thumb used by leaders, and much admired by consultants, is the “4 by 2” rule. The rule means that, in our experience, projects take four times as long and cost twice as much as the project plan says or vice versa – and that’s the successful projects. Projects […]

OK, Let’s Talk About Kevin

By Chris Gandy Apologies to Lionel Shriver fans and those who just can’t get enough copy about our former PM. My Kevin is not a person, fictional or otherwise, but is a little Kookaburra and he is truly inspirational. Kevin has been a regular companion for a few years now. I don’t feed him any treats […]