How Many Baskets Do You Have Your Eggs In?

  By Chris Gandy Ran into local sage Alf again yesterday and he started lamenting: “There just aren’t any serious farmers around anymore” “Hey, what do you mean” I said feeling a bit affronted. “I might be small time but I take this farming thing pretty seriously as does everyone I know around here” “Yeah […]

How To Increase Your Not-For-Profit’s Revenue

By Frank Spranger Today everyone wants to make and save money as well as do exceptional things for humanity and the planet. While sourcing revenue can be difficult for not-for-profit (NFP) organisations due to increased competition for sponsors, donors and members, the task is not impossible if we know where to turn and how to apply […]

New Thinking Is Required

By Ian Sampson One of the biggest issues that bedevils cause based organisations  is surely: “How do we get the funds we need to deliver on our mission?” The traditional sources of revenue are increasingly difficult to access. The opportunities for generating new funding continue to be incremental rather than quantum leaps. The cost of […]

The Race Is On!

By Ian Sampson No, this is not a post about a certain famous Australian horse race conducted earlier this month. This one is about the race for survival, from a couple of different perspectives. I have been travelling for two weeks in Pakistan. Great country. Lots of issues and opportunities. Lousy air. Like many countries with […]

To Get Donors to Give – Give Them What They Want

I have a pet theory that in Australia when governments decide to fund a community program of any description, they pitch their contribution at roughly 70% of the true cost of delivering a highly impactful result. While some not-for-profits are prepared to tolerate this, many others are not and try to cover the shortfall from […]

A Novel Revenue Raising Idea For Your Cause-Based Organisation

B-Cause followers will be aware that one of our Touchstones for a truly effective and impactful nonprofit organisation is Revenue Diversity. We are the first to acknowledge that this one is much easier said than done. So when are innovative idea crops up in this Touchstone area we are only too happy to share it. TDA_Boulder, […]

Interesting trends amongst US nonprofits

This week the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) released the results of their fifth annual State of the Nonprofit Sector survey. As far as I can see the data relates only to US cause-based organisations but the information is useful and the lessons for Australian organisations are obvious. Approximately 6000 organisations participated  and shared  how they are adapting their […]

Is survival a new measure of success?

I have had a great few months swanning around the country side catching up with old acquaintances and making new ones over countless cups of coffee and the occasional tea. All of the people I met had one thing in common – they were all Leaders (Senior Executives or Board Members) of cause-based organisations, small,medium and […]