Personal Development Lessons From Ice Skating

  By Attila Ovari Went ice skating as part of my daughter’s birthday and it was an awesome experience. It had been years since I have been ice skating and it was good to get back out there. As I watched both the adults and children a few things came to mind that are just as […]

Surviving Office Politics

By Sara Harrup I’ve worked in and been involved with some great organizations in my life. Places where I felt so strongly about the cause I would have sold my soul for it. Places where my salary and conditions were so good my only financial worry was when I was getting my next pedicure. If […]

Saying “No”

By Attila Ovari I recently caught up with a friend and we discussed what we have been up too. As part of the discussion we also talked about what we are not doing…. Strange you may say, but it can be the hardest part for a go getter like myself to actually say “no” to […]

Team Leaders/Middle Managers – The Forgotten People

  By Sara Harrup Being an executive comes with a lot of responsibility. It can be a stressful job. It can be lonely and professionally isolating. The world of business consultants, trainers and other professionals are offering a growing suite of products for busy executives. Executive coaching, CEO groups, business consulting, change management advice! The […]

Fighting the Flow

By Attila Ovari This morning as I prepared myself for the office I got thinking about flow. One definition of flow is “move steadily and continuously in a current or stream.” The flow I am referring to is that sense of everything heading in the one direction in your life. The question that I have […]

So You Want To Go On A Course?

By Sara Harrup Learning has changed. Ten years ago if you wanted to learn something new you went to university, a private college or TAFE, or booked yourself into a short course. You might have dabbled in a bit of online learning, depending on the size of your organisation and its emphasis on staff development. […]

Relearning to Endure

  By Chris Gandy Following an unusually dry winter the heavens opened above our place about 10 days ago and so far have deposited about 15 inches of rain. Living on a hill as we do means that rainfall of this magnitude is little more than an inconvenience. Mind you being 21st century pampered humans, that […]


By Joe Moore I remember the day I scored 88% on a high school Science test we completed for homework. It is the highest score I ever made in Science. I have no idea what the topics were, no idea what the questions were. No idea whether I have ever had the opportunity to apply […]

You Too Can Be Tinny

By Chris Gandy Another weekend and another chance encounter in the bush with my old friend Alf. Rain was forecast for the coming week and we were both trying to keep our other halves happy by stocking up on firewood. Needing little excuse to stop working, Alf quickly stopped sawing and started to regale me with […]


By Joe Moore Do you get a bit uncomfortable in a conversation where you think your contribution, or performance is challenged? When you start to think that others are trying to get you to change, do you become a little uneasy and try to change the subject of the conversation? When I am uncomfortable in a […]