How Do You Act Around Others?

  By Attila Ovari As I walk the dog I have noticed something very interesting… Some mornings he looks like he is exhausted with his tongue hanging out of his head. He will have his head down and slow down as we walk around the block. However…. when there is another dog around things change. […]

Its Been An Arrogant Week

  By Chris Gandy Sure, none of us are perfect and we all have our foibles of various descriptions. But, I find it interesting though that when I come across a person with a pretty out there bad behaviour, I invariably encounter two or three others in a short space of time with the same behavioural flaws. I guess poor […]

The Leaders Trojan Horse

    By Ian Sampson You probably know that Leadership Development Programs are being questioned on several fronts for not delivering what they promise. As a former designer and manager of LDPs for large corporates, I know that while senior executives often say they want to build leadership capability, what they want even more from […]

Brought to You By Yellow 428

  By Chris Gandy This morning I found one of our of Dorper sheep dead in the paddock. We knew her only by an identifying ear tag – Yellow 428. She was 5 years of age, had a lamb 2 months ago and seemed to be a picture of health – and for me couldn’t have […]

Running Barefoot

By Attila Ovari Yesterday I did my morning run a little differently. I ran without shoes. I had heard about barefoot running and wondered what it was all about. It was an interesting experience. At the start it was a very strange feeling and then in a remarkably short period became quite comfortable, even relaxing. […]

Leadership Lesson From a Death Adder

  By Chris Gandy I read something the other day from Steve Gordon where he was referring to the many successful business people he has met over the years. In Steve’s opinion: “Here’s what’s true about them all… They are voracious collectors of business ideas and principles. They are fanatical about implementing good ideas fast. […]

Is This Your Year of the Ninja?

  By Chris Gandy Around this time of year I try to indulge myself with a bit of “personal development time” and dive into a book that might help me be more effective and productive in the coming year. Sometimes, I am disappointed with the outcome and have felt I would have got more out […]

Salad Days

  By Sara Harrup Each year some of my partner’s friends make the trek from Victoria to the Gold Coast for a three-week holiday. Each year they also head on up from the Gold Coast up to see us for a lazy afternoon of food, swimming and chats. This morning as I was preparing the salads for […]

Breaking A Habit

By Attila Ovari Do you have habits you would like to change? Maybe its a change in diet, maybe a change in sleeping habits, maybe it is change in routine or maybe it is around exercise. Whatever the habit, have you noticed how hard it can be? One definition of a habit is “a settled or […]

Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

By Attila Ovari Are you the type of person that believes in the glass being half full or half empty? Do you see the bright side of a situation? What do you do when things go wrong? You may have noticed in this world that some people seem to always see the bright side of […]