Cultural Arsonists

Bushfires Every organisation, no matter its scale, experiences bushfires. Leaders know about these. Just like the bushfires that ravage Australia each summer, a percentage of these are the result of arsonists. So let’s talk about cultural arsonists. Who are these people? Are they “psychopaths”? Are they “sociopaths?” Perhaps a tiny percentage would be diagnosable. The […]

Now NFP’s Have Three Options: Merge, Perish or …… Network

  If we are to listen to some high profile NFP players lately, small to medium cause-based organisations have two options : merge or perish! All pretty depressing stuff if your organisation is now on this new endangered species list. Even worse if you, a family member or community is reliant on one of these supposedly […]

Successfully Surfing the Waves of Change

  By Chris Gandy Change is everywhere. It is constantly spoken about, written about, and thought about. So much so that it seems almost passe’ to be writing this blog post about it – but at the risk of boring you and hitting the delete button here goes. To me dealing with change is like […]

Considering Merging? Consider DNA

By Chris Gandy Whether it is for strategic or survival motives many not for profit leaders at the moment seem to be considering the opportunity to redesign their organisations through some form of joint-venture, merger, shared services and or acquisition. Acknowledging that every union of two or more parties is unique, a number of factors […]

It’s the Cause Dave

By Chris Gandy James Carville is popularly credited with the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”. At the time Carville was a strategist for Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign against the incumbent President, George H.W. Bush. Apparently the phrase was meant for internal use to keep the campaign on message but ended up becoming a defacto […]

A Revolution Is Happening – Take Advantage

From Chris Gandy Whether we like it or not there is a quiet revolution is happening and as is the nature of such events – there are bound to be winners and losers. The revolution in question is in the workplace and is about how we do work. It is having a game changing impact – causing […]