Things Have Never Been So Bad For Not for Profits! Really?

 By Chris Gandy When I moved from the corporate world to the not for profit sector in 1986 I was greeted by a large number of well wishers who made me feel very ambivalent about my decision. Bob, a seasoned CEO of an aged care facility was typical of the people I met in those […]

Been Barking Up the Wrong Tree For a New CEO?

By Chris Gandy As a not for profit board member what is your most important and probably most difficult task? Most board members I speak to say it is finding and recruiting a new CEO. I totally agree but at the same time find it a bit weird that quite often the Board’s actions don’t […]

Do You Avoid Reference Checking For Fear Of Bursting Your Balloon?

By Chris Gandy The news that broke last week about retail giant Myer dismissing their new Group General Manager Strategy and Business Development, on his first day apparently due to a falsified CV has brought the process of referencing checking into the spotlight. I know nothing more about the case than what has been reported widely […]

Are You Interested?

By Chris Gandy Ran into old Alf again last weekend walking his dog on our bush track and as always he had a story for me. This one was about Brian, the youngest of three sons from a farming family in our valley. His two older brothers went to work on the farm as soon as they could […]

Leaders – Inspiring Others

By Joe Moore A recent online poll of some 2000 Australian employees of their thoughts on leadership revealed that they didn’t think much of their Australian bosses. I asked a senior healthcare executive for her thoughts on the most pressing development needs of supervisors. She reflected on her experience. “I would also suggest that many supervisors  […]

When it Comes to Recruitment Right Trumps Good Everytime

By Chris Gandy How often have you heard a CEO or Chairperson procrastinate about taking action on a poor performing employee or Board member by using an excuse like… “Joy is a good person. Her heart is in the right place. She just loves our cause!” As sector, we seem to be very skilled at […]

Leading Thought

By Ian Sampson I have a Google alert that daily gives new the new leadership articles on the web. It is fascinating to watch the ebbs and flows of thought about what works and what doesn’t in fostering new leaders or addressing issues with present leaders.  From my reading of things the current thought seems […]

Managing a Contingent Workforce – Some Simple Rules

By Chris Gandy Contingent workers are becoming common place in all sectors of the economy and now represent a substantial proportion of the workforce. As a provider of specialist contingent resources to not for profits, we at Cause & Effective are in front row positions to see the tremendous positives these people can potentially bring to this sector […]

Oh What A Night – Late December Back In ’69

By Chris Gandy Everyone experiences some life defining moments in their time. One of mine was just before Christmas in 1969. I left high school a month earlier with not a care in the world. Had no career ambitions, didn’t bother to enrol with a University,  but hey I was prepared to work as long as the job […]