Who’s Talking Amalgamation?

By Steve Dixon Highlights from the AICD 2014 NFP Governance and Performance Study confirmed that “merger” is on the agenda for 30% of boards. Intuitively this feels right and reflects our current operating environment. So it’s probably worth talking much more about mergers & amalgamations. And one of the things that most deserves more talk […]

In An Amalgamation, Remove Price And What Are You Left With?

By Steve Dixon A fundamental prerequisite to successfully amalgamating two Not-For-Profits (NFP) is trust. Attempting to combine any two NFP’s is hard enough at the best of times; doing so without building trust usually engenders an unhappy outcome. Why? A distinguishing feature of NFP Amalgamations is the absence of price.  Remove the driving market force […]

Change or Moving Forward?

By Attila Ovari There is a lot of material on change management and how the only constant in the world is change itself. This focus on change and change management can make us think that change is what we should be aiming for. But do we have it all wrong? Should we be talking about change […]

Considering Merging? Consider DNA

By Chris Gandy Whether it is for strategic or survival motives many not for profit leaders at the moment seem to be considering the opportunity to redesign their organisations through some form of joint-venture, merger, shared services and or acquisition. Acknowledging that every union of two or more parties is unique, a number of factors […]

New Thinking Is Required

By Ian Sampson One of the biggest issues that bedevils cause based organisations  is surely: “How do we get the funds we need to deliver on our mission?” The traditional sources of revenue are increasingly difficult to access. The opportunities for generating new funding continue to be incremental rather than quantum leaps. The cost of […]

Growing Without Imploding

By Chris Gandy Most not for profits today face considerable pressure to grow and expand their services. This comes from many sources. As some services fall there is often encouragement from funding bodies and communities to step into the breach and fill the service void. On other occasions growth is seen as the only economic […]

The Golden MILE

By Frank Spranger Having worked with many NFPs it is clear to me that organisations that do not objectively assess themselves against The Golden MILE are far less likely to survive let alone prosper over the longer run.   So lets cruise down that MILE? Markets There’s an expression used in financial markets: ‘the trend is your friend’ which equates to […]

A Revolution Is Happening – Take Advantage

From Chris Gandy Whether we like it or not there is a quiet revolution is happening and as is the nature of such events – there are bound to be winners and losers. The revolution in question is in the workplace and is about how we do work. It is having a game changing impact – causing […]

Is growth really something to be worshipped by a not-for-profit?

By Tom Collins  For over 30 years I have observed the Australian not-for-profit sector from both the perspective of a senior leader in a variety of organisations and, more lately, as a consumer of services. Over this times I have seen a number of changes in various parts of the sector but one constant that has intrigued […]